Sunday, August 3, 2008

பேராசிரியர் மெளனகுருவின் மட்டக்களப்பு மரபுவழி நாடகங்கள் நூல் பற்றி பேராசிரியர் கா.சிவத்தம்பி

This work byDr.S.Maunaguru on kuttu,the traditional tamil theatre of the batticaloa region of sri lanka(mattakkalappu in tamil) is a significant contribution to the theatre history of both sri lanka and tamil nadu(india) in that it describes and analyses for the first time the famous vadamodi,tenmodi and makiti forms,locating them firmly within the socio-cultural context of batticaloa and providing the performance detils from the make-up and the costumes to the manner and modes of enacting the roles.

This book is of immense value to students of indian and tamil theatre and of the social history of batticaloa.

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